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GSR (stock) 5Gen vs ZC (i-h-e) 4Gen

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Well... my homie's GSR swap just arrived at his house today, and he is plannin on droppin it pretty soon. You think I have a chance to hang with this guy?
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i raced a friend whos got a gsr in his 93 civic hatch si. with i/e cam gears and jdm pistons. I hung with him until his tires stopped spiining in 2nd then he pull 3 car ahead of me up to 70 mph.
but i got a dx tranny so it make me alil slower and im also a hatch. So if u got a crx wit si tranny and i/h/e its possible to keep up with a gsr in an OLDER(heavier) hatch. but if that gsr is goin into a 88-91..sorry u cant touch that!
Its a (non weight-reducted) '94 VX Hatch :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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