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gsr throttle body on sohc vtec

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hey i have a d series sohc vtec civic engine and wanna get a bigger throttle body, i heard that the b series can fit ! anyone know about this ?
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Waste of time. You will only get slightly better throttle response. Not worth it IMO. Use your money to get something better like N2O or Turbo or what ever you like. Seriously not worth it.
What about a GS-R intake manifold, would that bolt onto a D16?
yae it should. The intake manifold from a B16 and LS bolt on fine. I'm about to put a LS manifold on my sohc v-tec. and putting a bigger t/b does help out alot. The bigger it is the more air the engine gets to make more power. :gokuf3: It's not goin 2be a great increase but it helps.
you sure about that intake manifold fittin?
yeh i am getting it very cheap so im gonna do that ! i know i will get more air so i must get more performance combined with my other mods and cam ! anyway can a prelude throttle body fit aswell ?
the H22 t/b i doubt. i dont think its part of the lego system like the B series engines.:megam:
i have a b16 intake manifold for sale if anybody would be interested in it.... let me know..
how much u want for that b16 throttle body ?
ok so i know the throttle body will fit but will the intake manifold ? so the prelude throttle body wont fit ?
sorry no tb... just the intake manifold... just get at me if you want..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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