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I am looking into dropping a turbo into my 1995 gsr in the future. I was hoping that you guys could clarify most of my questions. I am going to be getting the greddy turbo for gsrs (96-99) because I am in CA and want to keep the car street legal. This is going to be my daily driver – and I really want it to stay reliable. My goal is to reach a 13 second quarter mile time so im lookin at about 250whp…I think…

1. Does the 96-99 greddy turbo directly bolt onto 95s? (this is what I heard)
2. Bolting the greddy turbo onto a 95, ill need to get a management system such as hondata and a chipped ecu. Is this true?
3. Will an aem v2 intake get in the way of the turbo?
4. what boost should I be boosting the turbo at if it is my daily driver and to meet my power goals? (I was thinking 8 psi with addition of new intercooler and other goodies)
5. will I be able to install the turbo by myself? (im a beginner at all this stuff)
6. using pump gas with the turbo will be fine, correct? (premium)
7. how often will I have to change the oil? I heard every other week!!?!
8. where can I purchase a “chipped ecu” and which one should I get?
9. what other things will I have to buy with the turbo? (gauges, etc)
10. how reliable is the car with the turbo in if boosted at no greater than 8psi?
11. what kind of mileage will I be looking at with turbo?
12. how much of the cars life will be “cut off”? (i.e. only runs flawlessly until 170k)
13.what other maintenance will have to be done?
14. where is the best place to buy it?
15. how often will I have to tune the car?
16. will it be safe with stock internals ?

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the only way to keep it smog legal in cali is to run the greddy kit the way it is bought, that is with the E-manage it comes with, hondata or anything else that you can tune will yield more power but will also make the car fail smog. you won't need the AEM cold air once you get a turbo, the charge piping will eliminate the cold air intake. Run whatever PSI is set on the internal wastegate spring for the kit. Premium pump gas should be put in your car anyway since it's a GSR but yes pump is fine, you can install it yourself if you have some know how, but if you're worried get a knowledgable friend to help. Don't pay someone to put it on unless you NEED to. Change the oil every 3k or 2.5k, whatever you feel comfortable with. Make sure you run a step colder plug or so. Like the NGK 7's and change them with every oil change or so. The car is as reliable as you keep it. If you keep an eye on things and maintain it, it will be fine.
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