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Time for another GT3 Challenge! :D

It seems we get more and more participation and some serious competetion. Last week's challenge was won by unified, therefore he was given the opportunity to pick this week's one:

GT3 Challenge for week 3:

- You may not use hybrids or GameShark modified cars.
- You may not use cars from your garage (for this challenge).
- You may not cut corners, go off the grass with all 4 wheels, or wallride.
- You may remove the ASM (Active Stability Management) and the TCS (Traction Control System) from your vehicle if you'd like.

Game setup:
- Select "Arcade Mode" from the main menu then choose "Free Run".

- Rome Circuit (tarmac)
NOTE: for this track you will need to beat all of the "Area A" tracks either in easy, normal, or hard mode to progress to "Area B" where this track is located.

- Class S -> LOCTITE ZEXEL GT-R Skyline
- Anykind of transmission -> Auto / Manual
- Anykind of suspension setup -> Racing / Drift

You have unlimited amounts of laps to run since it is Free Run mode. Record your best lap time and submit it here. Again PLEASE NO WALLRIDING! *Please* post a screenshot of your time to ensure accuracy. You have until next sunday midnight (4/20 :D :D :D) to submit your records!

Top 5 times will be recorded here:

1 1'18.182 - zeno
2 1'18.186 - unified
3 1'18.303 - Defi4nce
4 1'21.610 - H22 Bastard
5 1'23.595 - TrickTC3/B3

Fine print:
We will from now on have points given out to those who make it to the top 5 list. The pointing rule is as follows:

1st place winner receives: +10 points
2nd place runner up: +6 points
3rd place: +4 points
4th place: +3 points
5th place: +2 points

Points will then be added up and the person with most points after a certain amounts of challenges should get the "GT3 Master" title as their reward from the mods. (if they agree)

Good luck! :)

(Don't forget to post/update the link in your signatures. Thanks!)

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H22 Bastard said:
Impressive sector time zeno, that sector seems to be able to be done with wot at most of the timelike 97 percent of the sector 11.

my thumbs sore a bit now hehe

btw my new time is 1'20.782
Oh no! You're improoving on me like unified! no!!! :D

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TrickTC3/B3 said:
yea its my first but besides goin to school all i do is race cars and goo karts for a livin so i feel that is off the pace for a first lap i have high standards when it comes to racin
I think real life racing and videogame racing should not be compared. You could be excellent in one and suck at the other. ;)
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