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GT3 Wheelie Settings.

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Please post directly here all the settings for a car to get it in the air.

I even need rebound and compression....I use to have a setup where I got up at around 180mph.....And would really fast.
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if no one has done it by tommorow i will post it for u. i have it i'm just to lazy cause i'm bought to hit the bed, gotta take my son to school in the morning:eek: :sleep:
dammit, my post got deleted i think :D

Anyways, here it is

1. equip the highest turbo I think it's a stage 4
2. decrease the spring rate to the smallest possible value for both front and rear
3. a. decrease ride height to smallest possible value for front and rear
Front REAR
Lim-Slip In Tor.- 5 - 5
Lim-Slip Accel. - 5 - 5
Lim-Slip Decel. - 5 - 5
c. Toe angle and Chamber angle should be 0
4 a. set the gear ratios to the widest setting
b. set the gear ratios final gear to about 3.000 (Playing around with this setting will help you get a wheelie quicker, the wheelie starts around 238, I think when I hit 1005.1, my final gear was set at 2.750.
c. set all gears to lowest value
5.a. decrease the front downforce to the smallest possible level
b. increase the rear downforce to the largest possible value
6. set ASM to 0
7. set TCS to 0
8. set VCD to 10%
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try it in the toyota gt one race car. i hit 1,100 mph .
Primax said:
try it in the toyota gt one race car. i hit 1,100 mph .
Yeah thats my main car. Also the corvette racer or whatever , that thing usually can lift by 180mph.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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