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I'm going to make this look pretty for all...

How do I transfer Licenses and credits from GT3?
When you start the game for the first time, you are told that you can transfer up to 100,000 credits and your A and B licenses.

1. Home-Status then press start once you're in there
2. Click ok and it should transfer licenses.
3. Click ok again once it says you have.
4. Then click ok again to transfer money, then click ok when done.

What is the best car to start with?
If you recieved your A and B licenses and 100k cr I suggeset you go for a fully modded Lancer Evo VIII, best car for the money and save from there for a fully modded ///M5

How do I store photos using photo mode?

It can only be done by using a USB flash memory stick, or a USB Compact Flash Reader

1. Plug in USB memory stick/USB card reader with card inserted.
2. Take picture and wait for the image to show up.
3. Press Circle to prompt the save image window.
4. Select from the list to save to "USB Capture Device"
5. Connect USB Device to computer and there will be a "GT4" folder with your pictures!

Can I use my iPod shuffle?
You sure can! Just follow these directions first

1. Plug in iPod Shuffle into your Mac or PC
2. Wait for iTunes to load
3. Select your iPod shuffle and go to your iPod options screen.
4. Allow iPod shuffle for disk usage (will need to be manual ejected) and select how much space you want to allocate your shuffle to use for storage
5. Follow directions for USB flash memory stick and you are set!

How come I cannot find these used cars?!
They are not always for sale every day, you have to check day by day to find them all. For example, It took me 4 ACTUAL days for a BMW ///M Coupe to finally show up.

Why are there no Blow off valve noises in my game?
There are BOV sounds, just not audible beyond the engine's high revving pitch and exhaust.

What is B-Spec Mode?
B-Spec mode is a new mode that allows you to control the driver, from your director's chair! You can either tell your driver to remain steady, overtake, speed, slow down, or push. Doing so that you don't have to race yourself, however one has to train his driver so he can only be as good you train him. For an improvement in his skills, allow him to practice before the race.

Do I have to race the whole 24 hours in endurance races?
If you choose B-spec mode, you are in luck, you can actually advance the race by 3X the actual time (would be an 8 hour race) by going to the "Race Monitor Screen" and press L1+ -> or <- depending if you wish to speed up or slow down. However when the car needs to pitstop you will have to manually go back to 2x or 3X

What car should I use for this race and for this race?
Way too many races to consider, however I will build up this section bit by bit to have the best possible cars that are guaranteed winners

Beginner Hall
Sunday Cup - Lancer Evo VIII
FF Challenge - Integra Type R DC5
FR Challenge - BMW ///M5
4WD Challenge - Lancer EVO VIII
MR Challenge - Ford GT
Light Weight K Cup - Honda Beat
Spider & Roadster - S2000
Sport Truck Race - Ford SVT Lightning

Professional Hall
Clubman Cup - BMW ///M5
Tuning Car Grand Prix - Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02
Race of NA Sports - BMW ///M5
Race of Turbo Sports - Lancer EVO VIII
Boxer Spirit - RUF CTR2
World Classic Car Series - TBA
World Compact Car Race - Lotus Elise (I believe)
Supercar Festival - Ford GT for all but New York, use the ///M5 for that
Gran Turismo World Championship - Nissan Fairlady Z Concept LM Race Car '02

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tE}{RePnAsOn said:
whats the best car to use for the supercar festival race series in Professional league?
i used a benz sl 300 or somthing like that making about 1000hp

but when getting tires use normal or hard so they can last longer b/c those races are 6 laps so dont use soft or theyll crap out on you on the last 2 laps

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nfscg said:
i used a benz sl 300 or somthing like that making about 1000hp

but when getting tires use normal or hard so they can last longer b/c those races are 6 laps so dont use soft or theyll crap out on you on the last 2 laps
theres the sl 500 (convertable) and theres the sl 600

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how come you can only do the supercar festival race in b-spec mode only ?!?! my stupid b-spec guy sucks at the new york track he drives str8 into the wall and takes him 10secs to get going again :bh :bh :bh :bh :bh :bh
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