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GTA3 nightmare...

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This should probably be in the OT forum... but this is about a game...well, last night I had a nightmare I was in GTA3...

I was just walking around, and then I see these two cars and two people walking right around them, and for some reason, i have a button in my hand. I press the button and BOOM, one of the cars explode... and it becomes apparent to me that the car belonged to one of the people. He chases me and I lock myself in a bathroom, and he's trying to be all polite to me trying to get me out (weird:confused: )..."Oh, c'mon man, just come out... can come out, it's cool..." and I'm looking for a gun, but all i have are my knives (I work as a produce clerk, and I have this pouch thing on my belt to hold my knives, and I had that on me) I open the door and throw a little ass knife at him and he dies. The other person that was with him (a girl) chases me with an uzi... and then I wake up all scared and shit....damn, I need to stop playing so many damn games...
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Let me guess you have a photographic memory....a vivid immagination and have countless realistic / strange dreams....

Hhehehe welcome to the club...I thought I was the only one. ;)

I should tell you the story about the 2 nsx's I drove in my life (hehe 2 very real , different dreams...)
hahaha that's funny man.. I have those weird ass dreams too but it never lasts that long.. one second i can be doing some hot chick, then all of a suddenly i'd be a rally driver driving a ford pinto or something weird like that.. But they're never long enough for me to completely remember wtf happened :D
Yeah I think you finish all that stuff , its just that you never remember it....I hear we all have dreams every night....its just if you dont remember it....its almost like it didnt happen.
i love when you realize your dreaming then find a chick and well u know
I just had a fu$%ed up dream last night, that I was at the airport dropping off my lady, then all the sudden one of the terminals collapsed on some family right next to us.... Well I hear a loud azz explosion:eek: and see all these people with AK's and Uzi'Z running around shooting and looting. I freaked out and picked up a rocket launcher and started blowing up everything around me..... then I woke up and realized I had crashed out playin State of Emergency:D ... It was a fu$%in trip!!
I always have dreams Im in weird structures or houses...all big with weird designs , its pretty weird....or sometimes Ill be flying and crap....its cool.
I get those flying dreams alot.. sometimes when I'm just on the verge of falling asleep I feel like my bed is floating in the sky and i feel like i'm going to get motion sickness, then i wake up.. I always have dreams that i'm flying around in a street bike on a road racing cars and shit, then all of a sudden i fly off a cliff.. :D
i had a weird GTA3 dream. over christmas break i played it non-stopped and for a while i couldn't get passed Bomb da Base to get off the first island. well that night after hours of frustation i went to sleep and dreampt about how to do it. i figured out how to do it in my sleep and woke up and jump right on the game and beat it on the first try! can you tell i played it a little much?
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