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Well, today I finally raced my friend's VR6:

stock numbers:
Horsepower: 172hp @ 5800 rpm
Torque: 173ft-lbs. @ 4200 rpm
Weight: 2811 lbs.

It has cat-back exhaust, intake, cams, upgraded clutch, and some other engine i thought i was going to get blown away (especially considering the nearly 400lb difference in weight). I was sitting at the light, and he rolled up next to me, and before he came to a complete stop the light turned green, and we went, we were about even for the entire race, but at the end i had to let him get over b/c his lane came to an end. Would have liked to race a bit longer, cus i was pulling on him near the end. O well, not really a kill, but im not too upset w/the results from my pig of a car.

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actually if you would have continued to race he would have spanked you. The VR6 is autobahn car and it's stongest gears are 3rd and 4th. Off the line it will have a lot of wheel spin because of the huge amount of low-end torque. More important than the modds can be the driver, unlike Hondas, VR6 are harder cars to drive.

Nice race!!!!!! A lot of us AV6 end up losing to those cars.
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