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H&R springs...I found them cheap:)

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130 shipped.

I just bought some H&R race springs for my 99 Honda Prelude. I experienced a scary moment on my skunk2's cause they have free play in the I opted to go with springs.


I have ordered tons of shit through them and I just called them up today and asked how much the springs would be for my car...130 shipped:)

I think its a great price and I hope I help or direct some of you to buy from them...and save yourself some cash:)


About the store....they do tons of stuff. I have bought my skunk2 coilovers and apexi N1 exhaust from them. they have the best prices out of any online store I have found...I think they are a warehouse distribution center or something...they always have unbelievable prices!!! their phone number and website address and info.

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damn...guess no one needed to know this:confused:
T.O.Accord said:
I can't seem to find the pricing on their webpage. Do I have to call and order?
yea you have to call to get pricing on whatever you need.
element h22 said:
do they sell camber kits?
call em up and ask...this place sells shit sooooo cheap.

450 for my apexi N1 exhaust shipped!!!!
H&R race springs 130 shipped.

they sell GC's for 308 shipped I think??
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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