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h22 in 89 crx

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how do i go about putting a h22 in a crx know it can be done and saw links along time ago for this swap. can anyone help me. also know this aint going to be easy
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i remember i wanted to drop a h22a into a CRX, but then after reading up on it and people telling me it was a bad idea, i decided not to go for the swap. The reason i didn't do it is because the h22a is really heavy and when you drop it into a CRX it spells understeer, really bad understeer. And you already know that the swapping is gonna be very difficult and technical, involving some welding and other custom fabrication. But if your dropping a h22a in a CRX for only the dragstrip, then it would be a pretty good idea, if u keep it on the strip. Jus to let u know im not trying to discourage or putting your idea, but im jus trying to warn u of the consequences based on your purpose of your rex. I guess it matters on what's your purpose for the rex. here's a site that might help, but i don't think it gives explanations of how to do the swap: there are some other websites i found, but i can't remember them. If i find them, i'll post them up

i hope my reply was some use to you

good luck
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if you wanna go with a big vtec motor.....go with a b20 and do a vtec conversion on would dyno as high as a h22 dependin on wat head you use
Go with the big block, forget a b20 vtec. Yeah understeer will be present, but put a biogger front sway bar on it will help a little, I am doing this swap in 3 months, getting all my stuff from Place Racing they even tell you what frame rails to dent in for the fit, hammer not included.
good luck with that swap THEone
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