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Haven't posted here since I sold my civic for an MR2 Turbo (which I still have 3 of btw ) years ago so go easy on me!

Ok so I bought a H22 VTEC Prelude Auto last week that some fook tried to steal and snapped the steering wheel clean off the shaft. So firstly I need a new shaft, anybody know how difficult that is to fix if you have replacement parts?

Anyway to the main point of this thread. I'm going to be stripping this car and using it on the track only. To track it i aint using an auto box. So, I have decided to take advantage of my friends H23 equipped Non-VTEC Euro Prelude that has a manual box + the much needed steering shaft.

My question is, i'm assuming the manual box from the H23 will bolt straight up to my Jap H22 VTEC engine and then I can just use the linkages and stick to complete the swap?? Will I need to do anything to the ECU, or will the car still run with this conversion done?

Any help appreciated as i'd like to get cracking on this over the weekend.

Cheers for the help,

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