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Part: Greddy 4-2-1 SS (Stainless Steel)
Vehicle: 1993 Honda Prelude VTEC (4th generation)
Price: $300-400 (normally pricey at places but search around)
Install: Fairly Easy , allthough the prelude isnt the easiest car to work on. Great Fitment.
Availability: Sometimes goes in and out of stock so beware for backorders from greddy.
Compatibility: They only make this for the 4g prelude. But many people have gotten it to fit the 5g.

I got this header when it first came out from greddy. Ordered their first one I believe. I got it based on seeing it in a magazine when it first came out. I could pretty much tell from the pictures this design was slightly better than the DC and the primaries were slightly larger.

Upon recieving the product I was very happy with its quality. Fitment was great. Allthough the Prelude has a heat shield for the accessories that sometimes gets in the way. Some simple banging of that metal , helped move it over some too allow more room.

Upon driving the vehicle. I could immediatly tell there was an increase in output. Top-End power was increased greatly. (as I would have thought a larger diameter pipe would perform). Got into an accident. Dented the header , once things were fixed. Ran great times.

The header also turns some amazing colors once you break it in. Nice purple and golds. Be careful about finger prints.

Went to the track. I had run a 14.9 , with a DC DAC intake from an accord that had to be modified to fit over the larger TB bore. With the greddy header installed. I Pulled a 14.59.

LongTerm Review:
Now after owning the header for a good 6 years. I can report that there is no rust , no major problems...and this is after giving it a good wack when It was first installed. The only trouble that I have come across is the bracket broke and the flex pipe cracked.

Both easily repaired/replaced. I also believe this is due to the initial wreck and not connecting the bracket to the chassis.

A good preventitive measure would be to weld the header bracket that connects to the chassis slightly more on the weld area. This will help strengthen that connection.


Go here for the install and learn how to clean your exhaust ports at the same time.

Rating: 5/5

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Looks good. Hard thing with the GReddy is the availablity. GReddy always has h22 parts on backorder and they are hard to find when you need them.
We thus have upgraded our h22 header to a more performing custom setup.
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