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h22 swap info

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Hey, I'm getting a '97 cx hatch, and I wan t to drap a H22 in it. (I currently have a '93 si hatch /w a b18c and a dragIII kit,all self-installed) I'm planning on taking off the kit and putting it on my h22-civic... I figure a new exhaust manifold and some piping and I'll be set.)

to the question: I remember before the board was reset, there was a sticky in here about the H22 swap... I think it was for a 5thgen, but I'm not sure (was it your post, jacobyb?... can't remember who's it was). Anyway, I need all the info on this swap that I can get (6th gen cx /w h22). Is it basically the same as a 5thgen h22 swap once I do the obdI conversion? The only mount kit I can find is the hcp one (ek-22). I want to do the OBDI conversion.... and the wiring harness where the ecu hooks up is already butchered to heel (form the previoud owner), so I was hoping I could just locate some obdI plugs and solder them in place of the obdII ones. Will the wiring harness (as long as I get a LHD one) plug right into the firewall-harness? What harness should I use (being as the chepest prices I can find on a swap are the jdm ones.... **********.com I hear is good... thoughts on them?)

Can you tell me about which ecu to run? I've heard that you'll have to hook up some resistor box with certiain ecu's. How about a good mount kit? Axles (does it depend on the mount kit for some reason)? Hooking up the shift linkage assembly (it's a cable linkage and a hydro tranny, right?)

Any info on this swap at all would be appreciated. I know you guys didn't fail me whan I was doing by b18c swap, so now its time to move up!
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come on, any info would be greatly appreciated
I believe that if you want to convert to obd1 you should check skunk2 out, they make a conversion harness for that issue. For the swap, you should use a 90-93 axle and shift linkage or whatever the use to shift from 90-93 accord, take everthing. For the ecu, use 94-95 gsr ecu, or one from a 92-95 civic ex-si and reprogramed to what ever spec you want. For the mount, use the Hasport mount so you don't have to custom axle.
H22 swap

The swap into the 97 hatch is not that difficult if you plan what you are going to need beforehand. I swapped an H22 into a 96 Cx with Place Racings mounts, wiring harness,etc....had great success. Switching from OBD2 to OBD1 was not a big issue. You basically supply the civic engine harness and the prelude harness ECU grey plastic connectors to PR and they convert the civic harness to allow the prelude motor to work with the civic electronics. I would contact PR to get the details on what they exactly need for you're year if car.The mounts were awesome...they fit the motor in the engine bay perfectly. No hood clearance problems at all. Make sure the car you buy has not been in any accidents! If the front end alignment is off at all will have a nightmare trying to get the engine to line up with the mounts. Place Racing supplied me with the harness,axles,mounts,cable shift linkage adapter box.....and all were of excellent quality. One big issue however is delivery time....Parts that were in stock when I placed the order showed up 6 months down the line.Be prepared to wait for the stuff!
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Thanks for the reply h22allmotor. I actually have the ECU plugs from an OBDI civic.... can I use those to convert the car to OBDI? Are you saying that I should use the civic engine wiring harness on the prelude motor (that is, use and OBDI vtec civic wiring harness)?

Another question.... why don't I just use the prelude ecu? Why a GSR ecu? Is the prelude ecu not compatible with ther civic chassis somehow?
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