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h22a delsolers reply here!!

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wat are your 1/4 times? any reliability issues and problems?? what do you hate about the most? and how much did everything cost you? thanks a lot
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A guy in named Soler has a H22 sol, ask over there.
i have an H22 in my sol but im still waiting for summer to try it......the only thing i dont like so far is how the motor sits low

its a pretty expensive swap but its worth it.......if your gonna do it do it right
how much was 'pretty expensive'?
whitesol said:
how much was 'pretty expensive'?
I'm gonna estimate 6K-7K for everything (suspension, motor, labor, mounts, etc) DS1= did you keep your A/c? if so how hard was it to get the lines and everything hooked up right?
i have the Hasport swap kit and that made it direct bolt on......the swap wasent that hard to do
hey ds1 did you get your car back from the shop yet?

another soler has an h22 swap at the most active sol forum called:

w w w. h o n d a v i s i o n .c o m

take out the spaces.

hope that helps you man
i didnt get my car back yet im still waiting on a part
hey DS1 sorry i didnt get back to you. what year shifter cables are you using?? mine are from a 97 and just ran straight through.
im not sure but i ended up running the cable straight through the there is almost no bends in the cable
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