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Guys I need some help. I'm a newbie who just bought a 92 Prelude S. I would have waited for either an si or vtec but the car was in immacualte condition, and only had 58K miles on it so i bought it. Its an auto tranny (you can stop laughing now) and I'm a little dissappointed with the power.

I want to swap an H22a in there but have questions regarding this.
1. Is this worth all the hastle and $$?
2. Can it be done on a 92 S Prelude?
3. I know I need a complete swap (i think), what does this include as far as axels, tranny (do i need a new one), ECU.
4. Can I get either a JDM or USDM in an auto tranny?
5. With the complete swap, would I need to buy any other parts to make my car work again?
6. What is an estimated price for the whole ordeal (including installation, shipping, and another other parts I would need)
If I should know any info I didn't ask questions on please let me know. If you guys could help me out with all my questions I would appreciate it alot.
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1) I don't know how fast it would be since its an automatic, but if you had a 5 spd, it would defitnitly be worth it.
3)Engine, Tranny, ECU, Distributer, Axles, Wire Harness
4)Don't know about JDM, but USDM you can get an auto
5)Don't think you're need any thing else except for motor mounts possibly
6)Look to spend somewhere around $2500-$3500
You can find JDM automatic transmissions for the H22A. If you want to get a very good deal on a motor, get ahold of "Lakemountlude" in this forum. I believe he has a thread still going on group buys for the H22a. Get ahold of and see what they can do about the transmission. I know they have them, but not sure how much they cost.

Don't feel bad either. I am driving an automatic at the moment as well.
Another question I have is, about how long would it take to swap the engines, I mean I can't be without a car that long.
Also someone said since its an auto tranny, I won't really feel a difference?? Is this true?
Forgot a questoin...once the swap is done, there needs to be tuning right? but exactly what needs to be tuned (gear ratios)?? ahhh i'm sooo lost help me out
Why the hell would it be slow? It's still an H22A. If you want the Auto, stick with the Auto. Personally, a stick is alot more fun to me. It gives you more control over the vehicles speed.

~Peace :cool:
I'm just saying its slower than the 5 spd....You can do a swap in 1-2 days if you really work on it...
Thanks guys for the info...I'm just worried after the $2200 I spend on just the parts and engine (then i'm gunna hafta find someone to install it which is prision rape $$ wise in itself) that something will break down because it didn't get dropped in right.
anything else I should know?
i would advise you to get a h23 or h22 block and completely rebuild the engine with performance parts. it will cost 2k at the most unless u get parts that cost out the ass.
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