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H22A in Civic 00'?

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What is the downside to this swap with an auto? Please don't jump on me because its an auto. The shiftronic on the prelude is very good. Second of all does the weight give me understeer? And what about axles breaking? And with the H22A can I swap in Prelude Type S internals?
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Do you know how many defective auto trannies are out there. Get on ************.com and the people will tell you that the prelude auto tranny sucks. My friend works at honda and when I got my car i test drove a auto prelude, it's all-right but I didn't get it. I raced my buddy with the dealerships 2001 civic ex against the auto lude that i was driving and the civic pulled on me everytime. 5 sp all the way.

You'll be swapping in the prelude axles so there shouldn't be any problems with them snapping.

Only difference in usdm h22 and the type-s is higher compression, different intake and exhuast cams to utilize the type-s's big bore throttle body and velocity stack upper intake piping. Also different headers. That's it though. I've seen h22a del sols and hatches and none of them had problems with chassis flex or under/over steer.
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Do you know if the tranny w/sports shifter will fit into the civc?
Couldn't tell you. I've never meet a person that did a high end swap like an h22a and put in a slush box, it doesn't make sense. Why are you wanting a auto so bad???? It does make sense to get a such powerful 4 with an auto.
I live in S.F and I commute to work everday and no matter what there is always traffic. Second of all I can get the engine with everything fairly cheap *$2000 w/everything + labor*. And I like the sports shifter. I've been in Porsches that have it and other cars and its fun. Not as much fun as stick, but good enough.
Just to clear up a few things for you all.

1st. You cannot transplant the automatic into a Civic. If you want an H22 it is going to be a 5 speed. The auto will not fit.

2nd. The H22 axels will not fit in a Civic. What you have to do is use the intermediate shaft from a '91 Accord and the half shaft from an Integra on the drivers side, and the stock Integra axel on the passenger side. And yes, you are going to rip them a new asshole.

3rd. Yes, you are going to have understeer. It is just physics. You are adding about 100lbs to the front of your Civic. Most of that can be controlled with the right suspension set-up. You can get better shocks like Koni adjustables. You can use bigger sway bars. Stiffer springs help a bit. But it is not that bad, most people don't mind. A good idea is to reposition the battery in the trunk. that way you can get some of th weight in the back on the car. It is not much, but every little bit helps.

You are going to have ground clearence problems from the header underneath the car. It hangs down a bit and it is prone to scraping. You are just going to have to be careful in that case.

I have the Type-S engine in my '97 EX. It is probably not worth the extra money, but it revs higher and it does make 25 more horsepower out of the box, so I opted for that.

This is not an easy swap. It cost me $7000 to get the whole thing done. So make sure that it is something that you really want to do. For $7K you could have a b18c with a turbo that will make the same or better power and it is going to cost less and be less of a hassle. Since I have one, believe me, it is a monster of a car. Fun, but it can be brutal at times.
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i have to hear of ANYONE getting a sport shift to work at all, even in an accord..
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