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h22a swap - need HELP!

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what's up? i'm new to this forum and i was wondering if you guys could help me out. My name is Chris and I drive a 94 Honda Accord with a few mods. I just finished swapping my engine to a h22a with my friends. We've run into some problems. When putting in the engine, i had to use the F22 wiring harness cuz the JDM H22a harness is different. The plug that goes to the intake manifol was not on the F22 harness so we made the intake manifold work off a vaccumm. Now, I don't know if that is causing my problems but I thought I should tell you guys. After finishing the swap, we took her out for a spin and ran into 2 problems. Around 4-5rpm, she stutters/hesitates a little and then she starts moving again. When we come to a stop, she stalls. I'm thinking its either my intake manifold working off the vaccumm or possibly my VTEC solenoid. If it is my VTEC solenoid, can I use the one out of my F22? Thanks ahead of time for your help!

-Big Chris-
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