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H23 Frankenstein or F22B Vtec

I have a 1993 Prelude, SI.

Im considering placing my H23A head on a F22 junkyard block, just found out I spun a bearing on my Damns H23 & I had bearly got my head back from Port & polishing it. :bash Ive done some research on the net & read that I can place my H23 head on the F22 BLOCK for more Airflow, all I would have to do is use a F23 headgasket and the H23 timing belt.
What wiring mods do I have to do to the ECU for this.

I have about a Month to do so cause I need to hurry & get this car running for SMOG INSPECTION, if I don not do the Frankenstein I Might just consider getting a JDM F22B SOHC (VTEC), I can get the whole Long block for $425 or a F20 DOHC (non vtec) for $550. If I do the swap can I still use the same ECU, i know I will probably have to alter some of the wiring, like add the VTEC wires for the F22B, but what about the F20 would I have to change any of the pins to the ECU or are they the same if they are both OBD1..

Any Comment......

Please NEED SOME help......
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