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Just picked up a prelude not too long ago and its now running like a champ however its a 92 si model and it has the h23a1 motor and i will most likely this summer do a motor swap to a h22 and possibly turbocharge that but however before i dive in i want to make sure i know what all i am going to need, i know the motor should fit without too much effort however what else will need to be switched im assuming the ecu? but what all would need to be done before i put down the cash to get another motor so i know how much i am looking at putting into the motorwork?

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h22a head 93+(USDM) or 92+ (JDM) with all internals and valve cover
h22a thermostat housing
h22a waterpipe
h22a waterpump
h22a headgasket
h22a lower crank gear
h22a timing belt
h22a headbolts
h22a plug wires
h22a intake manifold (injectors perfered)
h22a header and downpipe
h22a cam gears
h22a top timing belt covers
h22a power steering braket (h23 doesn't line up right)

everything else is easy.. swap out all the parts and sensors from the h23 to the h22a intake manifold.

you can use the h23 powersteering holder but you ned to grind some off the mounting point to clear the head if not it won't bolt up, about 1 inch or so....

eh.. keep the same distributor mounts the same and is fine, but the wires are deeper in the h22a. use the manual tensioner.

replace all the parts listed above, rmove the oilcontrol plug in the block, before putting the head on.

install all the parts, you will need to run other wires and the ecu, but machanically this is it, you cannot use the same waterpump, lower crank gear because the teeth are off and the belt would fail....


my own opinion.

and also you need to modify a couple vacuum lines and coolant lines if you keep the non vtec throttlebody because of the extra line.. otherwise do-able....

hope this helps....
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