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has anyone ran a hondata or aem computer

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i was just wondering if any one has ran a hondata comp or a new aem comp, im ready to do some new tuning on the hoop ride and its time to start out with a new comp!!!!!! btw its a b16a, lightend flywheel, cm stage 3, ls tranny, aem cai, dc4-2-1, ur pully kit,70 mm t\b, itr cams, aem c\g's, thermal exhaust, ect!!
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ive seen some people with the hondata but the aem if im not mistaken is not for obd0 cars like ours
Check out the Motec M4 Pro... its th best out their from what Ive seen and heard.

formerly scar6662001
yeah, hondata only makes ECU's for OBD1 equipped cars....alot of people do run their 1st gen b16's OBD1...pretty simple w/ an OBD0-OBD1 harness...
Any specific reason why you have the LS tranny? The gears are all not made for vtec. Doesn't falling out of vtec when shifting suck?
I'd go find a b16a tranny for maximum acceleration.
Acceleration moushi moushi.

Just my opinion.
strong i had a japan spec b16a tranny and i hated the gearing in it! 115 mph and i was hitting rev limiter! im planning to run boost here shortly and wanted longer gears so i could hold more boost and longer gears help out on highway runs also!
either way teh speed limiter will kick in the japanese had them so u couldnt drive to fast ul need to get the ecu reprogramed if u want it to go faster than 115
jdm i am using a gsr comp so i shouldnt have a speed limiter in the comp
i see that would make things different than
jdm so what are some suggestions that yo would have??
wut tranny do u have in there doesnt seem to be right only 115 my d15 goes faster than that no offense
i had the jdm tranny in there with the gsr comp and i would only get 115 but as soon as i switched out to the ls tranny ive been able to hit around 140 ruffly ( had a buddy on a r1 bike beside me )
but wut jdm tranny? s1 y1 a1 ys1 ?
hcarcrx, I have JDM SiR, Y1 tranny with B16A1 engine. The speed limiter, not rev limiter as the rev limiter was set at roughly 8,200 on gears 1-4, in 5th would hit at around 112/115mph when the revs were still at 6,000rpms. I had the Hondata chip installed, removing the speed limiter, and can happily sail past 120mph now.
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