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Has anyone replaced their bushings yet???

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The front passenger side suspension is making noise when I am driving. I currently have a 1996 Honda Accord LX with Ground Control Coilovers and Tokico Struts. I was told that my bushings are cracked. I am thinking about buying the "ENERGY SUSP - Hyperflex Master Bushing Set - Front Control Arm Bushings/Front Strut Rod Bushings/Front and Rear Shock Bushings/Front coil Spring Isolators/Front End Links/Ball Joint and Tie Rod End Boots - BLACK - $146.00" Is it worth to buy the complete set and have them installed? Does anyone have any suggestions? Will a Camber kit have the appropriate bushings? Thanks.
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I have them......

I have the complete set for my 93 accorde not completely put on though at the moment. I only have the stablizer link bolt tie rod boots on. I will be getting the shock and strut setup soon and I will reply back. They are a lot thicker (to my opinion) than the stock ones. Hey, what kind of tokico struts do you have? I have the illumina adjustable ones and can't wait to put them on this monday.
Did you install your set on your own or did you have a professional install it for you? How much $$? I am not sure how to have the bushings set installed. I have the blue non-adjustable struts the ride is a lot tighter.
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