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head swap

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I have a civic hx with the D16Y5 in it..SOHC of course. and I was wondering if i could put the DOHC heads on it, say from like a B16 series. Is this possible or is it to much of a head ache. And one more thing the (Y5) what does the mean??
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No d-series parts are compliant with any b-series parts.
Cant put a b series head on that block... however you can put a Vtec head and do a Frankenstein on it.. put a head from an EX civic on there..

Even if you do that, its still going to be a slow SOHC motor. I learned the hard way after having two SOHC motors (d15b7, d16z6) that DOHC VTEC is where its at. I got my b16a, and i will never look back to SOHC. DOHC VTEC is the way all Honda vehicles should come off the assembly line (all though wouldn't it be cool if Honda made a factory made turbo motor??). Anyways, try finding your self a d-series vtec head, maybe one of your friends did a motor swap, cause thats the only way you are gonna get VTEC out of your DX motor.
i agree with you ferio.. DOHC is where its at.. and i would be first in line to get a factory tubo... I can see it now the new 2004 Honda Civic TSI... im there.. Well anyway.. i was just telling the guy to do a frankenstein since he asked about putting the B head on a D block.. no way.. i would much rather be runnig with DOHC.. just as soon as i can get one, my SOHC is a paperweight...
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