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head unit opinions needed...

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Soon I will be able to buy a new head unit, which is greatly needed, and i need one that has front/rear/sub(non-clipping) pre-amp outputs, need 4volts or more. Which head units do you guys think will be the best for me?

I was looking at the Eclipse 5441. What do you think of that head unit?

The more info the better.
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i like the eclise alot and u would be happy with it, u can also look at the blaupunkt, pioneer, nak, and kenwood, also jvc has some nice decks for the $$$

hope this helps
The guys that have done my installation so far have said the eclipse 5441 would be awesome for me and i would love it but i just wanted some more opinions on it and others.
I would say the Eclipse would suit you just fine. They are excellent headunits. Another to look at would be the Nakamichi 45Z. Either will outperform most anthing by Kenwood, Pioneer, etc - as far as SQ is concerned.

You won't be disappointed with either, both are regarded as some of the best heads on the market. The nak may look basic, but it trims all the flash, and gives you just a high quality, excellent sounding headunit.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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