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header elves

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whatup.. just wanted you to click to see what i was talking about cause i couldnt think of a title:

whats the difference in stock headers and after market ones, are they all the same, i know that about the 4-2-1/4-1 issue low end and high end , but whats so bad about stock headers, are aftermarket ones wider? and would lets say an OBX header be the same as a DC sport one?
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I've heard they are lighter, and lighter is always good.
Stock ones are cast metal 4-1 headers (usually). They are restrictive and just made to collect the exhaust gasses. Custom headers are made of better materials, have a wider pipe diameter, and get exhaust gasses out quicker than a stock one can. 4-2-1 offer low end and midrange power. 4-1 offers a bit more power at higher RPMs than the 4-2-1 but don't have the same low end power. They're not all the same. Different companies have different designs, materials, and quality standards. Get a DC Sports header. Most people here will tell you that they're one of the best.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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