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Which header and exhaust system put up the best performance numbers on an '01 Accord. (They don't have to be made by the same manufacturer)
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I dunno which is the best, but DC is a very popular brand, then they got some others kamakazi, and Pacsetter(junk), Go do some reaserch ask some people with the particular headers.
Tips on where to get information???
As far as headers go DC sports headers seem to be the ones everyone wants. With the exhaust you will have to look around and decide what you want from it...performance? sound? looks? I can tell you that I have a Greddy EVO and I think it is great. Not much in terms of performance, but what can you expect from a 4-banger. As far as the sound goes its really great with a deep growl (not farty) and its not too loud to give you a headache. And as far as looks go it has a really nice chrome tip (a bit on the bigger size of 4"). Well, there's my $.02.
i would go with DC ceramic headers
Ceramic headers are the best for performance, they keep the heat away from the engine bay. But I love the stainless steel and the color changes. hehehe lates
I don't know which is best but, my DC Sports 4-2-1 and A'PEXi WS is a great combo (mainly in conjuction with my Iceman intake).

Im loving my apexi ws exhaust as well with my aem intake, i just wish my ws was a tad louder!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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