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header install problems, exhaust pushed backwards?

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After installing my headers I have been getting a pretty loud and anoying rattle coming from the cat/exhaust.
Turns out, that the whole exhaust system is pushed back about an inch and a half, so the whole thing is touch heat sheilds. The exhaust hangers are push back as well.

The header I bought was used (regretting that now) and it didn't have the support bracket like the stock one did. In fact it looks like it was cut off? Could that be what is pushing the whole system back?

What I was hoping I could do, was remove all of the heat sheilds that are causing a problem, and redo the exhaust hangers so they hang straight down again. Would this work with out problems? I don't mind that my exhaust tip is 1.5 inches more visibile or anything.

Thanks alot for all the help.
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It is the correct part for your car isn't it?
What kind of header is it? Brand?
I bought it used, and it was sold as "DC 4-2-1 header for 94-01 Integra"

I lined it up to the stock exhaust manifold, exact same length. I even measured from flange to flange.

Anyways, I really don't want to buy another header if I don't have to. It was a PITA enough to install the one on there now, I just wanna know will I be ok for the time being with the exhaust hangers somewhat pushed back and the heatsheild gone?

My plan is to get a cat that is slightly shorter than the stock one to get the exhaust back into proper alignment.

EDIT: I e-mailed the guy I bought them from, he said he had them on his Integra LS.
why dont you take your car to a muffler shop and have them cut and reweld the exhaust piping so it isnt pushed back as you said any longer....this would be easiest and shouldnt cost more than $30-50.....they do this so often.
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