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header installation help....

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hi i am goin to try to install dc 4-1 ceramic headers on a 2001 civic coupe this weekend. I posted this in the civic forum but no one responded so im trying some other forums. Has anyone installed headers by themselves before?? is it hard?? Any basic information would be helpful....thanks..
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headers are pretty easy if you have the right tools. air tools are also a BIG time saver. biggest helper tho is a breaker bar. most of your nuts and bolts along the header route are virgin...almost all of them are rusted tight. With a lil liquid wrench and your breaker bar, you'll have the stock headers off in no time.

when putting on the headers, i think there's a specific order you have to put the bolts in, i forgot. Also you don't want to damage or dirty your O2 sensor when you transfer it. Make sure to torque all bolts as defined in the manual. Don't forget any gaskets that need to be replaced.

when you're done, and you're ready to drive, expect the headers to emit a funky smell into the cabin. Worry not, it's like a new car smell, only that's not the fragerence...if i remember, mine was like sulfer boiling in chicken fat...damn, i can't remember.
yeah. for the bolts..start in the middle and work your way out..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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