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hmm my buddy had the same issue with an h22 swapped coupe. he ended up buying this hytech replica and it didnt fit AT ALL however when he called the guy to send it bac the company told him that they made one that was specifically designed for that motor swapped into that car. he grabed that new hytech replica and viola it fit like the oem exhaust manifold. you should look into them man. they arent that expensive. they run like 350 the same price as the dc AND have broke 14wheel ponies OVER the dc. they have them in the vendor sales section. check them out man they are nice as hell and they should sell a set up that is perfect for you. or you could grab an adj test pipe from hater tech haha for like 60$ haha good luck

let us know what you decide to do bro.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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