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Header question

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I recently ordered a DC sports ceramic 421 header for my 94 EX sedan. You know how on the 5th gen Ex's there is a small 6 inch pipe between the CAT and the headers? It has the O2 sensor in it. Will the new B-pipe just bolt right up to this small section of pipe? Or does it replace it completely? Will I need to remove my O2 sensor? Please help.
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sup, i have neuspeed headers on my 94 ex sedan. it bolts up to that short piece of pipe, you don't have to do anything with the O2 sensor. I assume the DC sports will be the same way. There was a place to put the O2 sensor on my headers but I didn't have to move it, I just put a bolt in the hole. All in all it shouldn't be a problem.
thx man
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