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I'm looking for a 4-2-1 header for a 1999 Honda Civic LX. Everyone tells me that there is a problem with the cat so no one makes one. I was wondering if I could put in a header AND a catback system together to fix the problem. I would prefer a very quiet exhaust. I'm building a sleeper. Any ideas?
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just get a 4-1. there really isnt THAT much of a diffrence.
4-1 option

No one does a 4-1 either, unless you know of an option.
get the header, and you will need to get a new cat since yours is connected up at the top of the exhaust manifold. you may even need to get a pipe extension so you can complete the connection from the cat to the rest of the piping.
what u will need to do is get header, and either an EX cat or an aftermarket cat. After this a EX cat back will fit. The only thing that im not sure about is the O2 sensors, weither they will connect or if ull need all new wireing from an EX. Ive been pondering this idea as well, if u do it you gotta let me know how it goes.
Can't get rid of the cat. I live in Colorado and we have emissions testing.
I live in California, we have the worst emissions. Just get it illegally smogged.
dc sports makes a 4-1. at least i think they do. check it out: i could have sworn they made one for the 99 lx.
Can't get it illegally smogged. All tests are performed by the state.
I have a 97 dx hatch and a 98 lx and I wanted to get a header as well but I ran into the same problem of the cat.

I know that dc sports sells a header to fit but from what I have learned you have to get a after market cat, lenghten the O2 wires, tap the cat on the exit side to put one O2, and the other one will be on the header.

I think that is too much work for less than 5 horses. and over 400 dollars.
I have a 97 hatchback CX and I got a header, high flow cat, and cat back exhaust. The only thing u have to is extend the O2 wires to the cat. Its not hard just splice some wire so it will reach. If you don't hook up the 02 sensor your check engine light will stay on all the time.
or if you get the ex plumbing just bolt on and call it done, and i'm sure u can get that stuff pretty cheap...
i'm selling my ex manifold if you just want to use that ;x
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