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Headers: DC Sports, Greddy, Airmass, etc...

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What type [4-2-1(1pc or 2pc) or 4-1(1pc or 2pc)]and brand of headers are good for a 94 civic ex? I am debating between DC Sports and Greddy. I am leaning towards Greddy because I ordered the Evolution system by Greddy. Trying to keep all the same brand name parts together. Thanks for the replies.
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From what I've heard and read DC's will give more horsepower.

That's what I'd get. I have found it too hard to keep all the same brand name.
greddy will work nicely with greddy. but so will dc. if you wanna keep it all in the family then go for it. there wont be a huge diffrence.
Im going Greddy header

Since i already have

GREDDY PE exhaust
TRUST intake *greddy of japan*


Where are some good places to find DC Sports and Greddy headers for cheap prices? How much did you guys pay for yours?
I can get Greddy and DC headers cheap.I am starting a performance shop so if you want me to get a price for you email me through my website and let me know hope this helps
I just picked up a Greddy header about 4 weeks ago. Very happy with it. Nothing great power wise but very happy with the look of it.
Only thing i wasnt too keen on is the fact that there is a small exhaust leak where it connects to the cat.

I think i ordered mine from Yea thats where i ordered and paid like 375 shipped
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