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headlight stuff

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im in the works of prototyping a projector setup for my hatch, ill try to get some pix up once i get it done which should be in about a month, does anyone know though if those damn ridges in teh stock lenses can be taken out or am i just gonna have to make some new lenses?
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the lens has it built on as far as i know some one wanted to do it before they didnt suciede
ima do a custom one-piece headlight myself where ima make the housing out of fiberglass, and the outside will consist of plexiglass. the lights ill be using will be some BLAZER round projector lites that are DOT approved...for the corners ill jes take off the lens off the clear corners and put them on. ill be doing this as soon as my summer vacation starts along with makin a custom wing for my car and engine work. i jes have no time rite now with school.
thats pretty much what im workin on right now
y not buy projecters id be easier and they are hella nice
i dont liek the chrome housing, i have a vision.... a beutaful fision
i was thinking about doin this also. but mine is going to be a secret! lol if i ever get time to do it.
DOHC EF3 said:
i dont liek the chrome housing, i have a vision.... a beutaful fision
yeh i kinda want to take mine apart and paint the housing black but the corners will still be clear btu who cares jdm front=no projecters
I doubt youare going to b able to get those ridges out of the stock lenses... try plexi or something else. A friend of mine tried to do the same on the lenses on his civic and SKREWED them bad.

Custom is sweet!!!!! But I went for the 98+ accord conversion.

Good luck, and let us see how it works out!!
well i have real projecters so no ridges here :)
well....when my headlights are done...i think you guys will drool all over the screen.
im just gonna form some plexi or lexan for the lenses pretty simple.... i dunno how im gonna wire it all up though because the stock wiring wont support the lights i wanna use
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