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Headlights from Autodynamic

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Does anyone have the black housing headlights from autodynamic? If so how good is the light output and do they ahve any leaks or other probs? Also how much do OEM headlights cost?

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make your own. costs about $8 in paint and black silicone
i just bought some..

Are you talking about the black housing projector headlights? I bought some from r-speed for $128 shipped. They are pretty nice and give out abou the same output as oem headlights. You can probably get it cheaper because they ask you how much you saw it for. Tell them you saw it for $90 on Super Street, you will save $8. Well, that's about it.
Autodynamic has some very good quality products.

I'll be heading back down there to pick up some more bulbs...and possibably a job application :D .

But, you CAN make your own JDM-style headlights. If you have access to a quality heatgun, some RTV/Silicone sealant, primer/Bulldog, and quality spray paint (Import Color brand from Pep Boys is good).

I'd do it myself, but I like the nice clean, shiney look I've got go'n right now.
I got mine for around that same price $120-$130. I forget exactly. But I got mine from It was the same exact thing Autodynamic had, but about $10 cheaper.
How much are the Accord SiR headlamps ( black housing and all) for the 5th gen? Anyone knows?


:eek: DAMN MAN you guys got it fuckin cheap.....did you guys just got it? cause i got mines the first day it came out and it was $250, it was actually $280 i got hooked up. thats a good price for black housing projectors

95accordv6 wheres autodynamic?
I have the JDM style from autodynamic, and I'm very happy with them. No leaks in the headlights or corners. Paid 285 i think. Go to the site and it says. I have Piaa Extreme H4's and the light outuput IMO is a lot better than stock.

btw, i made my own, and they turned out perfect b4 i bought these. The only thing that i couldnt stand...was they were just aged looking, and had a TON of rock chips from the previous lady owner. So they are on my friends car now. oh also, i love the jdm corners. and you cant really make those.
doooooooood looka this..... they're true JDM headies from japan but.......looka the sticker price on em
carb0 said:
o.0 but did i mention their one piece? :confused:
huh? one peice? dont think so. You can see the crack between the headlight and corner. Plus they look just like mine, and i have two peice, and they dont have 1 piece for 5th gen.
noooooo my buds got these....the crack is just......there.....its a true one piece
So should I consider mine 1 piece? Does his corner come off at all? That's exactly how mine came, they looked like that, and my corner was attached.
naw his corner doesnt come if yours doesnt then you have one piece headies
im willing to pay the price......anything for my baby :D the one on wheels that is :eek:
Autodynamic is in El Monte, near Pomona, in East Los Angeles. Sort of half Vietnamese, half mexican neightborhood.

From LA, take the 10 East, to the Rosemead/19 exit.

Stay to the right in the "fork inthe road" and go North on Rosemead Ave until you hit "Rush" street. Make a left on "Rush". Go straight about a 1/2mile and look closely on the left for a street called "Satrae" or somethinglike that. It's kinda hard to find, I drove by it twice my first time going there.

Make a left on "satrae" (or whatever it's called) and look to your right for a big black gate....that's Autodynamic.

There are no signs on the building whatsoever. Just a door to the left of what looks like a wharehouse. (the doors got "Tuner" stickers on it like "K & N" so you know you're in the right place).

It looks like the do most of there business over the net, but the people are really nice. If you ask for something, they'll go and get it withing 2mins.
one note, any aftermarket housings need to be sealed, and sealed very well. every single person I've heard from about aftermarket lights(except e-codes but those aren't aftermarket) has had leaking problems. I have the black ion housings from autodynamic, and they look fantastic, but they did leak, even scarier for me because osram bulbs and condensation don't like eachother.

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i've heard bad things about Ion lens headlights...mostly that one side will be bright white, and the other will be yellow.

Wasn't there an Ion Film that you could buy a long time ago (i'm thinking about '97) and apply to your headlights?

Anybody know how that stuff turned out? Or if it's still available?
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