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aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel but you could get galvanized steel cheaper still, so the cost of the metal is not a reason,

steel in general,(stainless or not) 'holds' the heat more than aluminum, thats why they make pots and pans from it besides the fact that its pretty lol, if your intake was made from S/S, then it would heat up the air that was going in your engine,

aluminum also does this, but when the air rushes through, it quickly drops the temp of the alum. so it doesn't affect your temp. that much, S/S would not have this temp drop so it will continually heat your air while you drive,

if you ceramic coat S/S, then it might keep it from heating up for a while, then it will keep the heat in longer once it heat up, so thats a bad idea
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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