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Im looking into getting a custom Stainless Steel pipe made up for an Induction kit after seeing it on some other cars.

Getting a Cold Air Intake(CAI) made up (i.e a pipe that goes down to the bumper and holds the filter there), and the price wont be too bad either, reckon ill have a CAI pipe and K&N filter for bout €150 which is about $145 i think.

Now i dont wanna talk about the performance effieciencies of short-ram V Cold Air V OEM set-up, ive already looked in to this.

My question is: will S/S absorb and hold the heat tradiating from the engine thereby heating and expanding the cold air coming up from the filter at the bumper? or does S/S insulate...or wud it be a good idea to insulat the pipe on the outside with sumthing??

AEM who make sum of the best CAIs make them out of Aluminium i there a reason4 this u think?

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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