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I come on bent knee hoping to get any information on my issue. To start, I own a 2006 Honda Accord Sedan, 3.0 V6, with the 6 speed manual. I understand this is a sought after model, and I hope with all of this info I can fix and retain this car.

To set the scene: I took the car on a 380 mile drive. 1 portion of the drive, around 110 miles, I did run this about 80 MPH, so the tranny was warm. Once I exited the expressway, I heard the low squealing noise. The noise lessened with the lower speeds, so I am pretty sure it is related to my issue. From there, I did the final 50 miles, I could still hear the noise, however it did not get any louder. 1 mile from home, I merged off another 2 lane highway, and heard a solid "clunk", which I believe came from the tranny. It didn't drive different, so I did not give much more thought to it. Stopped at next red light, then it stopped completely. I could not get it to go into 1st, and will not move at all. I can push in the clutch and it will roll, However if I left the clutch out, even in neutral, it will not roll. My first thought is the clutch, but I remember previous clutches on other cars, when shifted into neutral, the cars will roll. So this has me stumped. I am hoping that it is not something internal, but willing to completely remove and have fixed. - Know, since purchasing a year ago, it has always had issues shifting into 3rd gear. Recent travels I have noticed 5th also becoming more complicated when shifting into. So in conclusion, the clutch may not be the culprit, as I type it could be anything slave related, or linkage. I am currently starting to diagnose this, so I appreciate any and ALL suggestions for any possible thoughts on what the problem could be is greatly appreciated.

I am no good at rebuilding trannys, everything else I can and have already done.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing possible thoughts.
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