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I have a 95 Accord LX with a/c problems.
When I turn on the a/c, I get air (so I guess the blower works), one of the two fans start to turn, but the compressor does not engage and I don't get cold air.
I took it for a check up and they recommended replacement of (1) a/c relay, and (2) a/c control switch, aside from a freon charge.
My questions:
1. Is the a/c relay the same as the one in the fuse box under the hood that say's cooling fan relay? Price quoted by the mechanic is $45
2. What does the a/c relay do? Does it have to do with the fan? One of the fan turns on when you turn the a/c on.
3. How does the a/c control switch look like and where can I locate it?
What does it do? Can I just take it off, bring it to an auto parts store, and replace it myself? Price quoted by the mechanic is $130 for this part.

Thanks in advance! Can't stand the LA heat! :cry :mad :bash
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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