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1. So long as you dont get some cheap/unheard of company or a 3.5 inch+ tip, youll be gravey. You can also go to a custom muffler/exhaust shop and supply the muffler/cat (a flowmaster super 60 sounds beefier then most, look on ebay). They bend it all out for you (usually stainless steel), they do a good job (usually), and its alot cheaper then a bolton set. My sister paid 180 (not including the muffler/cat but that was an extra 150) for 2.25 inch all the way back, mandrel bent. But for bolton, DC, Apexi, greddy, ect

2. Standard if fine, but like many others have said, go with a highflow airfilter. K&n, fram airhog, ect. in stock form, you will gain maybe....4 hp from a CAI?

3. Blackouts are always fuckin awsome :number1

4. Look online, i found some alpines for 109 but whatever company floats ur boat. If you are gonna spend 150, get something with built in wattage (otherwise you are geting ripped off bigtime)

5. Ummm, it isnt much worth doing abunch of boltons, ebay sells alot of decently priced turbo kits. Its not as intimidating at it sounds lol do some research.

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