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Ok, this is my 2nd car, but my first car that I paid for myself. It is a 2000 Civic EX 2D, Forrest Green, 5-speed, 100,000 miles, and looks like a mini BMW M3 lol.

Anyway, I was just trying to find some things that I would enjoy getting for my car. I don't want anything fancy, but some little performance upgrades would be nice.

1. I would like to upgrade the exhaust. Right now it has a standard exhaust. I would like one that would make the car sound more beefy. I don't care for the loud obnoxious bee noise if you understand what I'm saying. I want something that sounds more throaty and intimidating. What would you recommend? One more thing, I would prefer it if it wasnt loud.

2. There's a standard air intake on my car, does it matter which cold air intake I get? What would you recommend and what are some of the better air filters?

3. My headlights are a little dim, again, they are also standard. I want to get some headlights with black casing, as I think it would match and make my car look a little better. Same goes for tail lights, I would like the black housing. Does it matter what brand?

4. My car cd player doesn't play mp3 cd's or burnt discs. I hate the radio and it's commercials and am very picky with music. Any decent looking mp3 players out there for under $150?

5. Anything else that is relatively inexpensive for a car that you'd might suggest?

Sorry for all the questions, I know nothing about the brands/parts for cars, just the simple operations and a few know hows on installing stuff for them.

Thanks for any helps.
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