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InTheZone said:
Ok, this is my 2nd car, but my first car that I paid for myself. It is a 2000 Civic EX 2D, Forrest Green, 5-speed, 100,000 miles, and looks like a mini BMW M3 lol.

Anyway, I was just trying to find some things that I would enjoy getting for my car. I don't want anything fancy, but some little performance upgrades would be nice.

1. I would like to upgrade the exhaust. Right now it has a standard exhaust. I would like one that would make the car sound more beefy. I don't care for the loud obnoxious bee noise if you understand what I'm saying. I want something that sounds more throaty and intimidating. What would you recommend? One more thing, I would prefer it if it wasnt loud.

2. There's a standard air intake on my car, does it matter which cold air intake I get? What would you recommend and what are some of the better air filters?

3. My headlights are a little dim, again, they are also standard. I want to get some headlights with black casing, as I think it would match and make my car look a little better. Same goes for tail lights, I would like the black housing. Does it matter what brand?

4. My car cd player doesn't play mp3 cd's or burnt discs. I hate the radio and it's commercials and am very picky with music. Any decent looking mp3 players out there for under $150?

5. Anything else that is relatively inexpensive for a car that you'd might suggest?

Sorry for all the questions, I know nothing about the brands/parts for cars, just the simple operations and a few know hows on installing stuff for them.

Thanks for any helps.
Welcome to the forum!!!!

1) If you don't want loud, but still sound good. I'd go with the Apexi World Sport, I have the N1 but it is prolly louder than what you want.

2)The only thing to remember is to not spend over $100 on an intake. as far as the filter goes K&N & AEM.

3)I have Sonar black housings off of ; the tail lights....they don't have black housing taillights per say. i have mine redded out, or you can "smoke" them basically piant tint on them.

4) just go to best buy or soundadvice (aka tweeter) they have a good selection of them. but under, unless you ebay it
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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