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I am in a bind here, I have a 10/97 Accord EX with the F23A1 and a BAXA automatic transmission. I keep getting a transmission code P0740 (which is torque converter lockup solenoid circuit malfunctioning). We got the car originally and it would set this particular code and therefore we replaced both the A and B solenoids. About three weeks later, we got the same check engine light with the same code, so we went ahead and put in a new torque convertor, flushed the transmission, and used to correct Honda transmission fluid. This worked for about another three weeks, and the car is having the same problems.

The car will shift and do everything right, but on rare occassions, it will set the CEL light and will give the P0740 code, which makes the car shift and act like crap.

Has anyone every experienced this before? I really need this car to run right and be reliable for college transportation. Please help!
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