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HELP!!car lowered need alignment bad!

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Not to long ago I lowered my 92 lude 1.5 inches got an alignment then added a body kit. Now I noticed that my rear passenger side tire is worn out to the wire on the inside only. And when I look at it from the back of the car the wheel is tilting towards the fender a little. I don't think they did it right the first time since one of their sensors wasn't working right, but I gues they did the best they can. Well with the body kit on I don't think my car will make it up the ramp without ruining it. And they most likely won't even try it. What should I do?? I got coil overs but I'm not sure they'll take the time to bring the height up, get it on the ramp, lower it back to do the alignment, then back up again to drive it down then once again lower it to the height from the alignment. Is all this possible.
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well got to think of somehow to get it up on the need camber kits #1......then you will need to align the camber kits. I say jack the front up...push it on the rack...align it.....and then use the jack to slide it off, like you got it on.
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