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Help! Car Problems...

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long story short, i ran over a log.
it pushed up on the undercarriage and cracked the plastic peice on the bottom of my radiator. i now have no antifreeze. is there a way to just replace that part or do i have to get a whole new radiator. secondly if i do have to get a new radiator. are fluidynes any good? is it worth getting over a new oem? i know a fluidyne is 380-390, but how much for an oem radiator? thanks....
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I would go with the oem. My rad went on one day. I was thinking of getting an after market radiator, but I went with the factory. cause the after market one cost more, and the factory honda rad, well, you can't go wrong with stock parts. The price from where I am to where you are is different. For example: An oem rad I purchased cost me $300 canadian. eh!
oem radiator is gonna run around 1??, if you got the money then why not upgrade? more than likely anything with a larger capacity has a higher cooling rate. I replaced the Radiator,thermostat, and temp sending unit on my 94 gs-r and it was all around 300-370 inclufing labor.

Fluidyne makes greater Radiators
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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