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help deciding on brake pads

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well i went to the dealership for my 22.5K check up and they said that my front brake pads have about 15% left and the back pads about 10% im in the market for some new brake pads. i only really know about AEM and AXXIS MM pads. btwn these 2 which one is a better. also are there any other pads that i can buy that are reasonably priced. ive heard of endless and EBC but dont kno too much about those companys. can you guys shed come light on these pads. also you guys know of any places that have these pads for cheap.
thanx in advance
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I know a lot of guys like Axxis pads a lot but never said much about AEM's pads. I heard of a good deal over in but I dont know if its still around.
try endless......
i heard that axxis pads are pretty good but they make a whole lot of brake dust. the aem pads are supposedly pretty good too and dont make as much dust.
Endless is one of the oldest and most respected Japanese manufacturers, they make a lot more than just brakes. As for AEM I have the pads front and rear and I have zero to little brake dust and noticed better braking performance even with heavy-ass CL-S rims. Only thing is I've had them for about 11k miles now and they've developed this annoying squeal which I'm gonna have checked out at my next service.
where do you get endless ? dont want some fake knock off :) I got aem on power slots.. dont seem to see a difference... was gonna get axxis..
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