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ok...just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem or could help me out:

one night after work i went out to my car (93 honda civic si hb - canadian model) turned it on a proceeded to turn on the lights. unfortunately only my headlights came instrument lights (gauge cluster and heater/ac symbols) did not light up and neither did my taillights of license plate lights. so i checked out the fuse box and found that the fuse for the instrument lights/tail lights/license palte lights was blown...i replaced it but it simply blew again. what i need help with is that i know there is a short somewhere in that circuit but i can't find it. i was just wondering if anyone could help so i could avoid bringing it to a mechanic and save some money.
the brake lights work and so do the flashers...i have checked every buld and wire that i can think of within the circuit....

any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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