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HELP!! fidanza or clutchmasters or shave stock flywheel

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i'm thining of getting a flywheel since i'm getting my clutch change but i'm thinking of getting a fidanza flywheel and clutchmaster or shave my stock one to 14 lbs. which one well be better cause i heard that fidanza crack or stuff. just wonder that if you ppl hear anything that is. i'm not sure about what material fidanza is made out of. thanks for any inputs.
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ALTERED4 said:

on the other hand, i know of two cracked clutchmaster fw... a good buddy of mine that is a mechanic at a shop, has pictures, i will post as soon as i can get my hands on them...
not that i dont believe you but aluminum doesnt crack it bends.. chromoly on the other hand does crack...

i believe more in the aluminum flywheels but that is just me.. there are various pros and cons to both...
PreludeSI said:
mike_sho, i have the CM one and i barely noticed a difference in driveability. in stop and go situations, i haveno problem getting a nice smooth launch and getting going. Rev matching is not a problem at all. i shift and get it over with and it's always a spot on match; my car never jerks between shifts. i don't know what you're talking about. high rpm track racing does benefit from a heavier flywheel because heavier flywheels carry more kinetic energy.
that is not necessarily true dude.... only in high hp cars sometimes can that be true... saying whta you said would be saying that having 20" rims would give you a better high end..
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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