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HELP!! fidanza or clutchmasters or shave stock flywheel

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i'm thining of getting a flywheel since i'm getting my clutch change but i'm thinking of getting a fidanza flywheel and clutchmaster or shave my stock one to 14 lbs. which one well be better cause i heard that fidanza crack or stuff. just wonder that if you ppl hear anything that is. i'm not sure about what material fidanza is made out of. thanks for any inputs.
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Just want to add in that I've been driving with my shaved factory flywheel for a couple of years now. Nothing errant to my knowledge, feels just fine when accelerating. I'm sure there are horror stories about shaving your factory flywheel, just as there are horror stories about aluminum flywheels shattering. Just take it to a machine shop that knows what they're doing and there shouldn't be a problem.
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