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is there a stroker for a b18c5 that is bore out to 2.1l help help if there is what is it who makes it.
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i met a guy w/ his ls/vtec motor bored to a 2.1. i cant remember who did it, but i will let u know ASAP.
if you want 2.1 from your b18c5 you can bore it out to around 85mm , that would be somewhere around 2.1 the b20 block uses a 84mm boar to obtain 2.0 but one you go past stock boar realize that you are making the motor weaker by making the walls thinner unless you plan on going with a aftermarket sleeve,,, i would research what is the largest sleeve you can go before i tryed it , you know your going to want to rev the shit out of it , i would fell safe with paper thin walls ... good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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