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Help me decide *2002 civic Si*

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I might be getting a 2002 Civic Si in a week or two, unfortunatly...since I live in the USA I cant get a Type R.

What do you all think I should put on for a body kit? I was thinking the Type R back and sides. Mugen hood, wing, and front. Any other kits out there bedies the erebuni and Mugen and Type R?

would you get it in black with bronze / black /aluminum rims?

White with Black / aluminum / bronze rims?

WHat front / sides / wing/ and back would you all put on it?

Also does anyone know what all I would need to make the USDM K20 (160hp) in that si, equal to the RSX type R engine (225 hp)?

Thanks guys! I'm going to have the phatest 2002 civic si with your help.
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I only have advice for the ENGINE. TURBO or NOS if you want 225hp?

About other stuff, im unfamiliar, except rims choice...

I would definately go with WHITE CIVIC SI
I think it would look good with the Type R front/back/sides and bronze rims, but that's just me.

What do you like? Face it, you'll never get everyone to like your car. Someone will always think you should have done something differently.

But since it's YOUR car and since YOU make the payments on it, do what YOU like. You could have a magazine cover car, but if you don't like it and aren't happy with it, what's the point?
You could do a engine swap, but the ITR (RSX-R) engine swaps are going for like $15,000 was working on a turbo kit for the K-series engines, but the project has been put on hold because of engine management problems.

Nitrous is your only real option right now.
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