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Sorry for double post, wasn't sure where the correct area to post in was so I posted in both the Accord area and here.

I have a 96 Accord 2.2 that I'd like to build as long as I'm doing water pump and timing. Was thinking something pretty mild, H22 head, intake, exhaust, turbo, valvetrain, and then professional tuning.

I'm a big Cummins guy but know almost nothing about these cars. Wondering what kind of power the bottom ends can hold stock, info on the head swap, what supporting mods I'll need ( I was thinking headstuds, better oil and water pumps, heavier valve springs, better fuel pump, and obviously a beefed up tranny).

I'm not looking for a serious race vehicle type build, just some more power to spice up the old car (300-500 horse) so I don't mind daily driving it instead of one of the trucks. Any tips, advice, product recommendations, build lists, whatever would be appreciated. Would definitely need help with injector and fuel rail sizing to match my air setup. Was thinking of rebuilding and using the HX35 from my truck and wastegating around 8 psi to avoid complication since I have gone to a bigger turbo for the truck.

New here and not sure if this is the right area to post this, admins feel free to move if it fits in better elsewhere. Thanks
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